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The Year of Tourism Italy-Russia

In the year of tourism between Italy and the Russian Federation, thanks to the extraordinary opportunities of the established relationship between «Beni Culturali» and the Hermitage Museum, the exhibition «From Guercino to Caravaggio, Sir Denis Mahon and Italian art of the seventeenth century» becomes an important instrument of economic exchange between Italian companies and the Russian market to promote culture and business, enhancing creativity and high competitiveness.

Italy and Russia have declared the year of 2013-2014 as the Italian-Russian Tourism Cross-Year, with the aim to increase tourist flows in both countries. Italy is the second country, after China, and the first European country, with which Russia promotes a Year of Tourism. For Italy the Year of Tourism with Russia is the first year of the Italian tourism abroad.

The Year of Tourism with Russia offers a great opportunity to Italy to realize its potential and to promote its extraordinary artistic and historical heritage, being a strong and durable competitive advantage.

Russian tourists are already interested in Italy: in 2008-2012, the average annual increase of the Russian tourists flow made up 25%, having grown from 438,000 visitors in 2008 to 793,000 in 2011, and having reached around one million in 2012. The average annual increase is twice more than those of Chinese and Brazilian tourism (respectively 13% and 12%), ranking Russia the first in the world for tourist flows growth to Italy.